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Importance of Building Technology Around People

Mark Kruger founded Converged Solutions and Services (CSS) in 2007 to provide Southern Florida businesses with all their telecommunication needs.

Mobility, Virtualization, Unified Communications & Collaboration

About Converged Solutions and Services

Founded in 1999, Converged Solutions and Services is committed to establishing lasting business relationships with its clients. Converged Solutions and Services designs "Smart" communication packages for its customers through its custom-designed voice, data and video solutions.

Extensive technology and service experience enable our team to develop a comprehensive understanding of your unique communication needs and respond to those needs quickly and efficiently. Converged Solutions and Services wants to earn your business and become your single source for voice, data, and video.

Converged Solutions and Services provides business phone systems, communications solutions and more to the major West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami areas.

Converged Solutions and Services has recognized the critical need for a communications company that combines leading technology with top-quality service and support. Our position as an industry leader is based on these principles and on our commitment to lead a rapidly changing industry. We design each system so that it will migrate with our customers changing needs, work to eliminate forklift upgrades, and protect your investment.

Through our commitment to long-term communications management, we build successful business relationships. We continue to assist clients in creating a competitive advantage through the implementation of strategic technology plans. These plans are continuously evaluated and revised to accommodate an ever-changing industry. Converged Solutions and Services recognizes the importance of building technology around people, not people around technology.

Multi-location applications are our specialty. Our unique understanding of national and government accounts enables Converged Solutions and Services to institute a standardization process that many multi-location companies desire. As an industry leader, Converged Solutions and Services has cemented lasting partnerships with all of the manufacturers it represents. Again, technology implementation is only successful if it works for you and helps you achieve greater profitability.

Converged Solutions and Services has achieved this by providing customers with a combination of the industry's most comprehensive and proven voice, data, and video integrated solutions supported by the unmatched expertise of the company's VoIP telephony and data engineers.

Converging voice, data, and video on a regional, national, and international basis facilitates your internal and external communication needs. Converged Solutions and Services can provide an all-in-one solution, acting as a single point of contact for all your communication needs.

Enabling businesses to take full advantage of the latest IP technology in order to help them increase their profitability, improve business processes and give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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